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John grew up in Colorado. That’s where the love of the outdoors was instilled in him as well as his work ethic, values, and principles. John’s love for cattle and horses came from a long family heritage of ranching. John spent his college years in Wyoming where he continued to work on cattle ranches as well as after college. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit from starting multiple businesses to consulting as well as into the real estate industry.

The enjoyment of working with different ranchers and farmers, as well as land owners, is what John really enjoys about real estate. He has made lifelong friends with clients across the landscape and has done that by being honest, upfront, and hard-working. John has an eye for land and the multiple use this great resource provides.

John’s specialty and niche has been rural and recreational land, ranches, and horse properties.

John now lives in Wyoming on a small family ranch. He enjoys team roping and working with his horses as well as just working on the ranch. John splits his time between Wyoming and Oklahoma as he is licensed in both states. He has found and connected with many people moving from the western states to Oklahoma. With John being from the west many buyers have found it easy to work with him and he has helped a lot of them find Ranches in Oklahoma

He is also an avid ice hockey player which helps him stay young, healthy, and active.

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