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Josh Wilkins

Josh Wilkins was born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma and comes from a long line of dedicated farmers, ranchers and hunters. Returning back to live and work in the southeast part of the state is a long held dream and he is passionate about showing you all it has to offer.

In 1902, his family established strong roots in the area and they continue to operate their centennial ranch to this day. To Josh, land isn’t just something to own or visit. It’s not just dirt or grass, it’s part of his heart and soul. As a fifth generation owner, he feels a deep connection and love for his family’s land, and enjoys all aspects of its management.

The business of a cattle operation, in addition to haying, gardening, and managing wildlife habitat has given Josh a hands-on appreciation for the land that sustains him and his family. Josh is an avid hunter of deer, turkey, dove and duck and enjoys a good Sunday after church on the lake or pond in search of bass or crappie. Josh attended Oklahoma State University majoring in Agricultural Business and has spent the last four years in the Oklahoma City area working in the precious metals business. This fast paced industry has sharpened his organizational, logistic and management skills with both clients and co-workers and has reinforced his dedication to offering the utmost in customer service. Josh understands the value of a job well done, whether it be large or small, and strives to leave no stone unturned when it comes to seeking out the best value for an investment.

Growing up on family land gave Josh a childhood filled with memories of working hard and playing hard, and instilled a respect and love for nature that he hopes to pass on to future generations to come. Josh is excited to bring a wide variety of marketing, visual storytelling and technology to the search for the perfect property. He looks forward to showcasing all aspects of each property through the use of innovative photography and videography and capturing through film the beauty and uniqueness of each offering.

Josh is dedicated to making every aspect of buying and selling land enjoyable and stress free for both parties. For Josh, each client is more than a number. For him, they become his friends, his family, his neighbors and a part of his community. Josh welcomes any opportunity to be outside and on the land, and is available when you are. Above all else, it is Josh’s goal for every interaction you have with him, and with Native Ground Land Co., to be centered around the best of Oklahoma values and expectations. Whether you are ready to purchase or list, or just starting to consider the next steps in this exciting journey, Josh Wilkins welcomes the chance to meet you and visit about all that Oklahoma land has to offer.

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