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Jon Price

Jon Price was raised in rural Mississippi, enjoying the outdoors along the river. Fishing, hunting, and exploring was always a daily adventure. Jon has been married twenty-five years to his wife, Roxanna. They have two sons, Gavin, who is also a licensed real estate agent and completing his degree in graphic design & marketing. Hayden will be attending his first year in college studying cinematography.

Jon began a career in logistics and transportation at an early age and continued for over twenty-five years. The transportation industry provided him with unique capabilities in sales, marketing, and leadership. Jon’s roles included dock supervision, local sales, corporate sales, and vice president of domestic sales.

Jon utilizes his past skills to help clients get the most value, whether they are buying or selling property. He enjoys working with sellers to rewrite the story of the property they wish to sell. Understanding the history, culture, and geography of the area is very crucial to him. Helping to market the history provides buyers the ability to understand what is being sold. Exceptional marketing is very important to him, in fact, it is so important that he provides his own photography services for each client. Contract negotiations were a key aspect for Jon during his corporate career. This is still a high priority in every real estate transaction. Making sure that each client understands the real estate contract is necessary. Dedication to providing superior client support during the entire time of the purchase or sale is mandatory.

Relationships built with clients are especially essential to Jon. Selling property can be an emotional process for most. Understanding the final goal of the client in order to offer a path is the only way to handle business for him. The next step in the client’s life is momentous and should be taken sincerely. Selling a property is more than a commission to Jon, it’s the beginning of lifetime affiliation. Jon has been awarded various awards throughout the years for exceptional leadership, superior sales, exceptional marketing, and impeccable client relationships. All these skills are bound with integrity, ethics, and values.

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